SensDesk 25D Alerts and Log / 1 year Subscription Plan

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25D Alerts and Log / One-year subscription plan for the service
The service is inherently linked to the hardware by HW group s.r.o. year plan for up to 25 devices and 730 days of history: 25D Alerts and Log
Device limit 25
Users limit 3
Email Alerts unlimited
SMS and Phone Call Alerts (service) 100
Log DB [days] 730
Price/year 1188€



Detailed information

Product detailed description

25D Alerts and Log / one-year plan is activated remotely by the purchaser based on the so-called Voucher code.
A voucher code can be found on the invoice which is sent to the purchaser by E-mail after the transaction is completed.
More information about the portal you can find on 
On the HW group website: Getting started with SensDesk


Device limit > a maximum number of HW group devices that can be connected to the Team account; the number of connected sensors is limited only by how many sensors can be connected to a particular HW group device.

Users limit > maximum number of users that can be connected to one Team account.

SMS and Phone Call alerts limit > maximum number of SMS and Phone Call alerts which can send to provided phone number per 1 month 

Log DB [days] limit > the time period for which data and values from devices and sensors are logged and can be viewed retrospectively; history

Price/year > price for using The Service; usually for one year


Remote monitoring

You can monitor temperature, humidity, power consumption, battery voltage, intrusion, smoke, motion, water leaks and many more…

Event alerts

Create a safe range for your sensor and get alarmed over SMS or e-mail.  All events are logged and reported. More safe ranges available.

Reports and graphs

Generate automatic reports and see all data in graphs with visible safe range limits. Recorded data can be as XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG, SVG and more. 

Remote output control

Any device with output can automatically respond to alarms from any sensor. Automated conditions and manual output control are available. 

Connect to third-party systems with open API

Send your SensDesk data to other applications and third-party systems using XML, MQTT, SNMP or Modbus TCP


Additional parameters

Category: Maintenance
Number of Devices: Up to 25
? Device limit: 25
? Users limit: 3
? E-mail alerts: Unlimited
? SMS and Phone call alerts: 100
? Log DB [days]: 730

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