WLD Sensing cable (2m, 10m, 50m)

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Water Leak Detection cable dedicated for detection even of a very small amount of liquid. 2m / 10m / 50m available.  For universal water and flood detection in any environment. Responds in seconds when it comes into contact with water.  The connecting cable is necessary to use the sensing cable. 

The sensing cable can be connected to NB-WLD, SD-WLD or WLD Relay (using a connecting cable) or other HW group monitoring devices.  With the possibility of bending into the desired shape - can be put on the floor, wrapped around pipes or attached to a wall. Detection cables can be combined and prolonged to up to 85 meters. Soaked detection cable can be dried and reused. The connecting cable and termination end is needed when connecting to any dedicated device.

Manufacturer website: WLD Sensing cable 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

WLD sensing cable 2m / 10m / 50m (Water Leak Detection - Type A) - Can be used to WLD sensing cable extension. No connection cable included.

Package contains:

  • WLD sensing cable 2m or 10m or 50m long
  • Note: The connecting cable is necessary to use the sensing cable. 


  • Industrial, IT
  • Connector (s): Terminal block
  • Installation: table, wall


  • Number of values provided: 0
  • Cable length: 2m or 10m or 50m

Power and dimensions:

  • Dimensions: length/ 18mm / ø10mm / 

  • Warranty: 24 months

Additional parameters

Category: Sensors, Detectors, Converters
Monitoring: Water leak detection
Output: Water Leak Detection (WLD)