Sensor 4-20mA 1W-UNI Unit

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Isolated DC current sensor for the 1Wire-UNI bus for connecting industrial sensors to monitoring devices. Sensor for measuring currents in the 4–20mA range. It is typically used to connect an industrial probe with 4–20mA output - 2wire current loop ("sink" type). Sensor current output is dedicated for use with NB-2x1Wire and SD-2x1Wire IoT monitoring Units that allow access to data through a cloud monitoring portal. 

The sensor is equipped with an 8-points calibrating table/curve to set measured output appropriate to related industrial sensors.

Manufacturer website: Sensor 4-20mA 1W-UNI 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

4 to 20mA DC current converter. Electrically isolated, requires external power adaptor to provides energy for powering the “sink” 4-20mA probe. Plug to the RJ11 1W-UNI.
  • Input: 4-20mA (connect a “sink” type of probe).
  • Electrical isolation
  • Protection: 63 mA fuse
  • Options: Unit conversion, calibration
  • Interface: 1-Wire UNI (2x RJ11 for daisy-chaining)
  • Environment: Converter to be installed indoors
  • Power: Requires an external 12-30V supply.
  • Usage: Measuring fuel level in a tank, measuring the concentration of CO2 or other gases, connecting pressure transducers, pH sensors, or other industrial sensors

Package contains:

  • Sensor 4-20mA 1W-UNI


  • Input 4-20mA
  • Output RJ11 (1-Wire)


  • Industrial
  • Installation: Table
  • Protection: IP23
  • Connectors: RJ11


  • Number of values provided: 1
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Calibrated points: 8

Power and dimensions:

Operating Environment:

  • -30°C – 85°C / 0%RH – 100%RH
  • Storage environment:  -30°C – 60°C / 5%RH – 95%RH
  • Dimensions: 79 x 68 x 30 (WxHxD) / 118g

  • Warranty: 24 months



Additional parameters

Category: Sensors, Detectors, Converters
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.17 kg
Monitoring: Current
Input: AI (Analog Input)
Output: RJ11