Power presence LAN/Wi-Fi detect Pack

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All-in-one IoT pack for detecting the presence of 110/230V voltage run/failure with LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity and PoE. Using a cloud portal you can receive alerts and remotely administrate the unit and connected detectors. Allows remote access to data from connected sensors through a cloud monitoring portals by HW-group.

The pack consists of one SD-2xIn IoT Monitoring Unit with two Digital Inputs, The Power Detector 110-230V, which can be plugged directly into a wall plug and connected to SD-2xIn Digital Inputs (DI) and the power adaptor for SD-2xIn with EU, UK, US wall plugs. 

Account on one of the cloud portals is required:

>> - for free (HWg sensors & devices in cloud, basic administration, E-mail alerts)
>> - different 1-year subscriptions plans (Monitoring and Alerting system in the cloud by HW group, E-mail, SMS, phone call Alerts, Periodical Reports, more Log DB days-historical data and other advanced features), available on E-shop. 

The Power Detector detects the presence of voltage which it signalizes by a relay output (galvanic insulated). 

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Package contains:

  • SD-2xIn Unit
  • Power Detector 110-230V
  • 5V/1A Power adaptor INT with EU, UK, US wall plugs

SD-2xIn Unit


  • Two independent sensors can be connected
  • Wired Ethernet as well as WiFi - 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • Support for simultaneous Ethernet and Wi-Fi operation (for easy setup)
  • 5V or PoE power
  • Simple installation, supports DHCP
  • Connection to cloud monitoring portals by one click
  • Embedded web server for basic administration
  • Security protected with a password

 Package contains

  • SD-2xIn monitoring unit


  • Industrial: IT
  • Protection: IP40
  • Installation: table, wall, DIN rail and rack mount compatible (with accessories)


  • Ethernet: 10/100Mbit
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11abg

 Sensors /Detectors:

  • Inputs: Dry contact
  • Number: 2
  • Counter


  • DHCP
  • HTTP
  • HWg-Push

 Power and dimensions:

  • Power adaptor not included
  • Power supply: 5V / 250mA

Connector: Jack (barrel, inner 1,35 mm outer 3,5 mm)

  • Power supply: PoE / 15mA

Connector: RJ-45 (from RS-485)

  • Dimensions: 67mm / 31mm / ø69mm / 151g

Power Detector 110-230V

  • Plug-in design
  • Interchangeable wall plugs (International, US, EU and UK)
  • Isolated relay output up to 50 V / 130 mA
  • Resistance in closed status max. 10 Ohm

Package contains:

  • Power detector unit
  • Wall plugs– EU / UK / US

Sensor Interface:

  • DO (Digital Outputs) Open collectors
  • Output load voltage: 50V
  • Output load current: 130mA
  • Quantity: 1


  • Wet Contact


  • SOHO, IT
  • Connector: Terminal bloc


  • Number of values provided: 1
  • Inputs type: Wet Contact
  • Quantity: 1
  • Output type: Open collectors
  • Quantity: 1
  • Load voltage: 50V / 130mA

Power and dimensions:

  • Power supply: 230V
  • Consumption: 3mA

  • Dimensions: 60mm / 60mm / 50mm / 80g
  • Warranty: 24 month

5V/1.5A Wall plug adaptor INT

  • Plugs for EU, UK and US standards
  • Stable output 5V up to 1,2A
  • Output connector  Jack 3,5/1,35mm

Package contains:

  • Power adaptor 12V/1,5A
  • EU, UK, US wall plugs

Power and Dimensions:

Operating environment:
  • -30°C – 70°C / 0%RH – 100%RH
  • Storage environment: -30°C – 60°C / 5%RH – 95%RH
  • Warranty: 24 months




Additional parameters

Category: Power and Voltage
Connectivity: LAN, Wi-Fi
Power: External 5V DC, PoE
Monitoring: Power and Voltage
Optional extensions: DO (Digital Outputs)