Power and Voltage

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sensor100adc1w uni
100A DC Current probe 1W-UNI
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Code: 600678

Current sensor probe with 1-Wire UNI for measuring DC current up to 100A for use with SD-2x 1wire and NB-2x1 wire IoT monitoring units or other HWg monitoring devices. The set...

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600672powerdetector 1id15568
Power Detector 110-230V
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Code: 600667

Plug-in power detector detects run/failure of the 110/230V voltage and can be connected directly to the wall plug (EU / UK / US). Power detector can be connected to SD-2xIn or...

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Power Egg2
Power Egg2
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Code: 600599

Power detector and power control in one body with Digital Inputs (DI) and Digital Outputs (DO) . Power Egg can be connected to SD-2xIn, SD-2xOut, NB-2xIN, NB-2xOut. Power Egg...

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sensor230vac1w uni 0
Sensor 230V AC 1W-UNI
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Code: 600602

The sensor is designed for measuring AC voltage in the range 100 - 250V AC. The 1W-uni output bus is isolated. Typical usage of the sensor contains voltage variation or drop-out...

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sensor60v1w univ2 1
Sensor 60V 1W-UNI v2
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Code: 600534

Electrically isolated voltage sensor for up to 60VDC with 1Wire-UNI output. Typical applications include measuring the voltage at industrial sensors (0-10V) or battery voltage....

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