NB-2xOut Unit

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Remote monitoring unit with Narrowband IoT connectivity, with 2 digital outputs for remote control of heating, lighting, irrigation, remote switching on/off, and remote control of other appliances. Includes a SIM with 3 years of prepaid service subscription, and the internal battery. No Ethernet or W-Fi connection is needed. Cloud monitoring portal HWg-cloud.com (for free) + SensDesk technology supported. Plain unit. 

NB-2xOut device allows connecting 2 independent outputs and can be easily controlled using cloud monitoring portals. Outputs can be controlled either manually, or based on pre-set conditions. NB-2xOut is designed to be used at all locations where is no Ethernet/Wi-Fi connection and no power supply available, where security issues don’t allow to use of available Internet network, or in applications where remote monitoring and control must remain uninterrupted if Ethernet/Wi-Fi connection or power are lost.

Manufacturer website: NB-2xOut

Detailed information

Product detailed description

NB-IoT monitoring unit: 2x DO (Digital Output), SIM with 3 years prepaid service, CR123A battery included. Plain unit. Web portal HWg-cloud.com (for free) + SensDesk technology supported.

NB-2xOut can be powered by an internal battery with up to 3 years lifetime or power supply.  Up to 4 sensors/detectors can be connected to the 1-wire / 1-wire UNI bus. The unit and all connected sensors are administrated, monitored, and managed remotely from one place - cloud monitoring portals. The system sends a notification in case of Narrowband IoT connection is lost. 

NB device has to be installed in the area with Vodafone NB-IoT signal coverage. The device has to be adopted by one of SensDesk technology-based portals (HWg-cloud / SensDesk.com / other).

>>www.hwg-cloud.com - for free (HWg sensors & devices in cloud, basic administration, E-mail alerts)
>>www.sensdesk.com - different 1-year subscriptions plans (Monitoring and Alerting system in the cloud by HW group, E-mail, SMS, phone call Alerts, Periodical Reports, more Log DB days-historical data and other advanced features), available on E-shop. 


  • Fully wireless
  • 2x DO (Digital Output)
  • Narrowband IoT connectivity
  • 2 independent outputs can be connected
  • 5V or Internal battery
  • Simple installation, supports DHCP
  • Connection to the monitoring portals by one click

Package contains

  • NB-2xOut monitoring device
  • SIM card with 3 years of the prepaid service subscription
  • Internal Battery with up to 3 years lifetime


  • Industrial: IT
  • Protection: IP40
  • Installation: table, wall, DIN rail and rack mount compatible (with accessories)


  • GPRS: Narrowband IoT

Sensors /Detectors:

  • Outputs: Relays
  • Number: 2


  • DHCP
  • HTTP
  • HWg-Push

Power and dimensions:

  • Power supply: 5V / 250mA

Connector: Jack (barrel, inner 1,35 mm outer 3,5 mm)

  • Internal Battery with up to 3 years lifetime
  • Dimensions: 67mm / 31mm / ø69mm / 151g
  • Warranty: 24 month


Additional parameters

Category: IoT Monitoring devices
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.18 kg
Portal alerts: E-mail, SMS, Phone Call
Connectivity: NB-IoT
Interface: DO (Digital Outputs)
Power: External 5V DC, Internal battery
Optional extensions: DO (Digital Outputs)