Cryo Monitor Temp Pack LAN/Wi-Fi

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All-in-one pack for remote monitoring of very low (cryo) and very high temperatures (-200°C to +160°C) with 3m long external cryo sensor. Can guard very low or very high temperature or selected temperature range important for laboratory environments, storage of frozen food, biological or medical materials, and other industrial applications.  

Connected to your local LAN or Wi-Fi network. The free or paid portal is available. Portal sends or displays alerts when the temperature is too low or too high or the sensor or power is disconnected.

Can be extended by other sensors or detectors with RJ11 (light, humidity, power, current, etc.) Powered from the power adaptor or from a local internet network (PoE).

When the device is connected to the public internet, current sensor values + alerts are available from anywhere and can be displayed on mobile phones, tablets, notebooks... Even the free portal displays graphs and sends E-mail alerts/alarms when monitored values are too high or too low. Portal will alert you also when an internet connection with a device is lost or an external sensor is disconnected.  Portal provides signed periodical PDF reports about monitored values (daily, weekly monthly; paid portal only).



Detailed information

Product detailed description

Mobile App is available for your mobile phone even for the tablet display installed on the wall.

One of the HW-group web portals is required for use of the Pack, for sending alerts, for access to data from HW-group devices and connected sensors.

2 portal options by HW-group:

Free portal - HWg sensors & devices in the cloud, free service with email alerts up to 20 devices connected to one user account.

Paid portal - Monitoring and Alerting system in the cloud. PDF reports, SMS & Voice call alerts, graphs, multigraphs, and up to 2 years of data history. Paid as a one-year subscription plan.

Alert options (when every second matters):

  • Voice-Call alert (paid service)
  • SMS (standard text message (paid service)
  • E-mail alerts within few seconds since value out of safe-range (email can be repeated every 30 minutes if alarm still valid or delayed if values are still too high after 30 minutes)
  • Alarm escalation based on sensor value can alert another E-mail / mobile phone number if needed.
  • Visual or Audio Alerts: Local red light or alert on a tablet on the wall or even siren (paid service)
  • An alarm can be delayed and an alert sent 30 minutes after the value is still too high or too low
  • Alert can trigger action on another connected device or system (ventilation, air-condition, etc. - add SD-2xOut to the system or integrate into 3rd party SW (SNMP / XML Open API)

Alerts can be triggered by:

  • Sensor value (out of Safe Range / Notice range).
  • The sensor disconnected from the device.
  • Device power failure (alerts even before sensor values are out of safe range).
  • Device is not found/disconnected from the Internet.

Current sensor values can be displayed:

  • Web of the portal (compatible with mobile phones)
  • Mobile phone App (coming soon)
  • Android / iOS-based Tablet installed on the wall (displaying selected sensor values only)
  • 3rd party SW (SNMP / XML Open API)

Solution features:

  • Connectivity by LAN (Ethernet) or Wi-Fi (External antenna possible)
  • Up to 4 sensor values (in total) measured by external Sensors can be connected to the device.
  • Included external sensor (probe): Temp 1Wire Pt1000 Frost (-200°C to +160°C))
  • External RJ11 sensors can be placed up to 60 meters from the main unit (RJ11 prolong cabling).
  • Power for SD-2x1Wire device from PoE / External power adaptor
  • International Wall plug power adaptor included (EU, UK, US power sockets included)
  • Solution extension possibilities:
    • Additional RJ11 sensors can be connected to the device (max 1 additional sensor value).
    • You can connect additional RJ11 sensors (max 60m distance) of Temperature, Relative Humidity, Light intensity, etc..

The device has to be connected to the public internet to one of SensDesk technology-based portals (HWg-cloud / / other).

  • The device can be pre-configured. Just click it to the power & LAN on the remote site.
  • Sends E-mail alerts when values are out of the set range
  • Displays current values on the mobile app (Wall installed tablet)
  • History / Graph (chart) with values (10 / 30 / 365 / 730 days)
  • Periodical PDF or CSV reports (paid service only)
  • Voice call and SMS alerts (paid service only)

Solution Pack contains:

 Can be interesting for you:

  • If you do not have LAN/WiFi connectivity on the site, use our NB-IoT package with similar features and the internal battery.
  • Alert to any Alarm state can be reported also by switching ON external light/siren. Us the LAN/WiFi or NB-IoT device with relay output.


Additional parameters

Category: Temperature
Weight: 1.21 kg
Portal alerts: E-mail, SMS, Phone Call
Connectivity: LAN, Wi-Fi
Power: External 5V DC, PoE
Temperature Range: High, Cryo
Monitoring: Temperature
Optional extensions: RJ11